[500 Words+] Essay on AN IDEAL STUDENT

Essay on AN IDEAL STUDENT : 500 Words


It is very difficult to become an ideal student because an ideal student has a number of qualities. An ideal student has a multi-dimensional personality. 

Education for him is not a means of obtaining degrees, getting jobs and minting money by corrupt practices. An ideal student is man of character. He does not run after loaves and fishes. He is always friendly and helpful to others. 

He has a sound mind in a sound body. He respects his teachers, seniors and elders and loves his juniors and younger ones. He leads a simple life. Simple living and high thinking is his motto of life. He is  always disciplined. 

His manners are always good. He loves his nation heart and soul. He looks after his parents if they are in old age. He does not run after fashions. He is always laborious and sincere to his duties as a student. An ideal student is the future hope of his country.

We should always follow etiquette, we should obey every word of our teachers and teachers, etiquette is such a medium. By which people come to know about us etiquette is necessary for every field. It is not necessary that it is only for the students, people of all ages should follow the etiquette because etiquette is especially for the schools.

Teachers think well about our future, it is our duty to follow the orders given by them. We have also seen in ancient times that there is a special relationship between the teacher and the students. A Guru is incomplete without a student and a student is incomplete without his teacher. There are such individuals of education who work very hard to make us move towards our goal.

If the teacher’s student achieves success, then the teacher gets a lot of praise from it, on that day the teacher feels that his hard work has been successful. Let us now know which traits you should have in an ideal student.

Waking up in the morning: We have seen many such people who sleep for a long time in the morning, in fact the reason for their sleeping till late is that they sleep for a long time at night. Due to which their sleep is not complete and on the second day and 10, 11 and there are many people who get up even after 11, 12 o’clock, but this is not a symptom of an ideal student. We should sleep early at night and get up early in the morning. There are many benefits of getting up in the morning. We should wake up in the morning, exercise, walk, this keeps our body healthy and after that we should read whatever is read in the morning. We remember him for a long time. Because in the morning our brain is very calm. By which whatever we read is easily remembered.

Obeying orders: We should obey the orders of our elders often such students are there. Those who do not obey the words of their parents nor do they follow the words of their teachers, in fact this is a very bad habit. We should obey the orders of the elders.

Study: An ideal student is said to be one who spends the same amount of time on his studies along with sports. Nowadays there are many such students who do not pay any attention to studies. They do not even complete the homework assigned to them in school. This is not a trait of a courteous student, so we must study daily on our own time.

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