Cobra Movie 1st Day Collection Prediction, Hit or Flop, Advance Booking

Cobra 1st Day Box Office Collection Prediction, Cobra 1st Day Collection, Cobra Advance Booking, Vikram’s Cobra Movie Collection: Hit or Flop

Whenever Vikram brings a film, there is something special about him. On the strength of his acting, Vikram puts four moons in the role of someone who wants a film. This is the reason why Vikram has a huge fan following. Similarly, Vikram has again come with a new film. Its name is Cobra, in today’s post we will tell about Cobra movie 1st day collection . Let us inform you that this too is going to be a unit film. In this film, Vikram is playing twenty different roles. Now it will be interesting to see how it turns out.

Cobra Movie 1st Day Collection Prediction: Hit or Flop & Advance Booking Information 

Cobra 1st Day Box Office Collection

Friends, we have seen many films of Vikram and we have noticed that Vikram does his role very well. Whatever kind of role he plays in him…makes him better. In today’s time, Vikram’s fan following has spread not only in South India but all over India as well as world wide. Vikram’s style fans are very much liked. Vikram is a multi talented actor. After losing a big film like Unrecognized Sketch Eye, which is still popular among the people, now Vikram is coming with his new film on August 11. Actually the name of this film is Cobra. Vikram is playing the role of a mathematician inside this film and if you look at the poster of this film, then the film looks very cool from its poster itself. By the way, South’s film is known for Unique. We have seen that all the South films try something new every time. There is a new story. Due to which the audience likes more. In today’s post, we will tell you about the Cobra 1st Day Collection Prediction.

Cobra Movie 1st Day Collection

Cobra Movie 1st Day Collection

Movie Name 



R. Ajay Gnanamuthu


S. S. Lalit Kumar


90 Cr. INR

Release Date 

11 Aug 2022





1st Day Collection 


Hit or Flop


Cobra 1st Day Box Office Collection Prediction, Hit or Flop & Advance Booking 

Before talking about the Cobra Movie 1st Day Box Office Collection , let me give you some information. Like the day this movie is released. Two more films are coming on that day. One of which is Aamir Khan’s film Lal Singh Chaddha and the other is Akshay Kumar’s film Raksha Bandhan. That is, these three are going to be released together again at the box office and we know that the fan following of these three actors is very high. If we talk about Aamir Khan, he did not bring any film for the last 4 years. Fans were waiting eagerly. His film Lal Singh Chaddha is going to release in August. The budget of this film is said to be 180 crores. If we talk about Akshay Kumar, then Akshay Kumar’s last film is going to flop continuously. But people have a lot of hope from the film Raksha Bandhan. Now it will be interesting to see which of these three films wins the box office.

Cobra Movie 1st Day Collection Prediction 

1st Day Collection 

25 Cr INR *unofficial 

Total Collection 


The total budget of the Cobra movie is 80 crores. If the film is liked by the audience, then it will easily cross the budget in its initial days itself. The trailer and the teacher of the film have come out. Due to which the film has increased among the people even more. It has been learned that Vikram is going to play 20 roles in the film which is even more interesting.

Cobra Movie Hit or Flop

Cobra Movie Hit or Flop

Whether the Cobra film will be a hit or a flop, it depends on its collection. This will be known only on August 11. But let me tell you that its trailer seems more likely to be a blog buster of a film like Roddy. Vikram, who comes up with a new concept every time, has done this film very well too. Vikram’s acting is amazing. As soon as any official update is known it will be updated.

All the information given in this post has been collected from various information available on the internet, this post has been entered for information only.

Friends, in which post today we talked about Vikram’s upcoming film Cobra 1st day collection, hit and flop etc. Viewers eagerly wanted to know about it. There are only a few days left for the film to release. A lot of films were released in the month of July. The same is happening in August as well. A lot of films are going to come in August also. Not only this, but very big films will be released this month. For this reason, there is a clash between many films. It is a good thing for the audience that they have got a lot of options for the film. 

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