Picnic is a change from the monotony of humdrum life. Living in the same surroundings for long and eating the same food in the dining room make our life lustreless. It is the picnic which mitigates the boredom of life. 

The city dwellers arrange the picnic party for a change in their routine life. They go to the park to picnic. The picnic spot hums with picnickers with tiffins having delicious items of food. One feels fresh in the open surroundings. 

Some picnickers carry with them music systems, ice-boxes and big bottles of Pepsi and Coke. The young girls and boys sing and dance to the tune of music blaring out from the stereophonic sound systems.BThe picnic spot is generally the natural place with flowers and greenery. 

The blooming flowers present a riot of captivating colours. The whole picnic spot bursts with life and gay abandon. There is a refreshing change from the stuffy apartments of Metropolitan cities. To lie under the vast canopy of blue sky on the carpet of green grass and to savour the litting tune of A.R. Rahman offers exhilarating moments to us during the picnic hours. 


Here we have tension free hours. We have the taste of exotic food and weave a honeymoon of joy and romance for sometime. Thus pleasures of the picnic are galore.

Friends, all of us definitely go somewhere for a picnic with our family or friends for fun. Quite often, students from our school are also taken to some other place to have a picnic, we all friends have a lot of fun together. We get a chance to learn about other places. We should go for a picnic somewhere once or twice a year, because of this our mind stays with us a lot.

We have a lot of fun with our friends and families and eat new things. We are very happy when we travel to a new place, we have more fun with the students of our school when we leave the school. We play a lot there. We play all sports like cricket, football , badminton and whatever game our friends want to play we play all games with them. We had great fun.

When the new year starts, we organize a picnic on January 1 by discussing with our friends and with our friends we celebrate the picnic. At that picnic, we and our friends cook food together, cook breakfast. We eagerly wait for the new year. So that again we can organize a picnic with our friends. To have a picnic, we and our friends collect some donations and then we go shopping with the money on the day we have a picnic.

For that day, we eat breakfast and dinner with our friends, we add the cost of it in advance, after bringing all the goods, then we all cook the food ourselves.

We start preparing for picnics long ago, we also enjoy preparing for picnics, for that we discuss with our friends what we have to do in picnics this time. We keep talking about this subject for hours, this moment also has a different fun. After that when picnic time comes then all of us friends are very happy and whatever we thought earlier, they all do in picnic.

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