Essay on TRAVELLING in English

Essay on TRAVELLING in English 

Travelling is regarded as part of education. It is travelling that makes us acquainted with the l historical places of our country and the world.

We are able to interact with the people of different states and countries, speaking different languages and having different faiths and religions because of l travelling. We are able to know our country on the grass root level. 

It creates a sense of unity amidst diversity in us. Without travelling our knowledge remains bookish and theoretical. However, travelling should not be confined to a particular area or state. Travelling should be included in our  courses of study. We are required to cultivate the habit of travelling.

Who does not like to travel, almost everyone wants to go to places and want to roam there. I want to know about their civilization. In today’s time people take leave from their work and travel abroad. Know their civilization.


They get to learn a lot from them, we must also go for a walk somewhere from time to time, we cannot go about all the things sitting at home. But if we go somewhere, we get a chance to know many more things about that place.

If we talk about our country India, then there are many such places in India which is very famous to visit. It is not necessary that we should travel abroad, but we have many such places in India itself. Where you will get to learn a lot, all the states of India have their own specialty. They have their own civilization. In today’s era, all the people are busy in their own work and even after getting leave, they all stay at their home and some people are like this.

Those who go for a walk after taking a break from their work and enjoy the new environment, culture, civilization, there are also people who travel abroad and make people there and blog on their social media accounts such as YouTube Facebook etc. post on. Due to this, other people also enjoy watching this video abroad. Apart from this, they get to learn a lot, there are many such on YouTube.

Those who do full time walking, they definitely go for a walk somewhere in the month. That is, we get to learn a lot by traveling, so we should also take out time to travel.

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